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Pine Aire Truck Employees

Pine Aire Truck Promo Video

We embarked on this journey of capturing our organization through video because we are proud of the company that we have built and want to share it with even more people and businesses. As our service manager John Sganga says in the video, “it can’t be an act. It has to be sincere” and we feel that this video reflects just that.

Never Before Seen Footage!

Many people think that our videos are shot live, one take, and that is what you get. However, there are times when it just doesn’t quite go down that way. Some of the footage we discard is actually funny and why not use it for no other reason than making you smile! So if you watch this and smile, we will smile too! Enjoy!

Push Past Fear in Key Moments

A lot of the really successful business owners that I see are just fearless. They don’t all start out that way but they find ways to push past fear in key moments. It takes courage and my favorite definition of courage is “when you are scared shitless but do it anyway, and with great certainty”.

Got A Minute Monday – You Never Rest

If you have been thinking about your business all weekend, you are not alone! The truth is that you never rest but educating yourself and sharing ideas may make a difference.

Got A Minute Monday – When You Love Your Customers

Dave discusses his appreciation for one of his most beloved customers – Erlin Steel. Erlin Steel is a family owned business that has been working with Pine Aire Truck Service Inc. for nearly 30 years. Dave explains to AJ what makes Erlin so special.

Dave Bloom and Jay Perera

Latest Technology – Picoscope

Inside the Pine Aire shop are some amazing technology and even better people running it. Jason Perera, the lead tech at Pine Aire Truck Service Inc., discusses his new piece of equipment that he uses to expedite repair times and deliver a better product to the customer.

Devin Kulka and Dave Bloom

Success Stories – Devin Kulka

Dave Bloom, owner of Pine Aire Truck Service sits down with Devin Kulka of the Kulka Group and they discuss Kulka Interactive, how to deal with feeling unmotivated and what kind of legacy they want to leave.

Time for a career change?

Pine Aire Truck Service is committed to fulfilling the needs of our employees while also serving our Long Island truck community.

Pine Aire Truck Animation

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