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Daily Pre-Trip Inspection

Daily Vehicle Pre-Trip Inspection Report

Service Manager, John Sganga, does a walk through of a daily vehicle inspection report. Daily Vehicle Pre-Trip inspections are crucial to limiting road violations and break downs.

Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes Part II

Listen last year on April fools day, I really tortured a lot of people with the news of selling the business. This year I play the fool. Here’s a quick video to make you laugh. Have a great day!

Break Check – Panicos Community Market

Dig into this delicious episode where Dave visits Donato Panico, owner of Panico’s Community Market – a mainstay food market in the Long Island community. They are joined by NY State Senator, Mario R. Mattera and Owner and Founder of Cooking For LI Veterans, Rena Sylvester. They discuss the importance of providing support for those less fortunate, not only during times like Thanksgiving, but consistently throughout the year.

Pine Aire Truck Employees

Pine Aire Truck Promo Video

We embarked on this journey of capturing our organization through video because we are proud of the company that we have built and want to share it with even more people and businesses. As our service manager John Sganga says in the video, “it can’t be an act. It has to be sincere” and we feel that this video reflects just that.

Never Before Seen Footage!

Many people think that our videos are shot live, one take, and that is what you get. However, there are times when it just doesn’t quite go down that way. Some of the footage we discard is actually funny and why not use it for no other reason than making you smile! So if you watch this and smile, we will smile too! Enjoy!

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