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The Holiday Season is upon us!   In the past we have been able to help many less fortunate children and families have a little joy around the holidays. Over the last few years it have become more difficult as Covid restricted our ability to have parties and spread joy.   This year we are […]

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Long Island Home Builders Care is the charitable arm of the Long Island Builders Institute. The goal of LIHBC is to give back to Long Island communities by means of the various businesses that are a part of the organization and donate their time and resources towards philanthropic efforts. The businesses that specifically make up […]

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This is a Thanksgiving post from November 2013 but the message still holds strong 7 years later.   So many things going on and we haven’t even hit the crazy holiday season yet. I am already getting paranoid about not getting every-thing done. The reason my newsletter is so late this month is be-cause I […]

Dave and Steve Ek for Got A Minute Monday


1 00:00:01,600 –> 00:00:04,060 I am Dave and I am Steve. 2 00:00:04,180 –> 00:00:08,620 And we are here to PUMP… You up. 3 00:00:08,800 –> 00:00:12,180 On the Monday morning, “Got a Minute Monday”. 4 00:00:12,800 –> 00:00:14,840 Hola Caballeros. 5 00:00:15,040 –> 00:00:19,680 Buenos Dias y bien venidos, Steven. 6 00:00:20,160 –> 00:00:21,140 […]

Dave and Steve on Fire Island


  In the latest of the Break Check series, Dave Bloom goes on an adventure to Fire Island with Steve Barker of the Affiliated Insurance Agency to record Steve’s podcast, Builder-Associate Spotlight.   Video Transcription 1 00:00:14,929 –> 00:00:19,740 Hey good morning, Dave from Pine Aire Truck Service here and I’ve got an exciting 2 […]

Greenport_North Carolina


Everyone loves a quickie every once in a while. Tapping the breaks for a Southport, North Carolina getaway is a weekend well spent.   The first ‘Break Check’ article was well received, it involved a long trip to a distant land but a break does not always have to be lengthy and involved. I recently […]