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Baby Its Cold Outside…. but with a bunch of help from our friends and staff we warmed a few hearts!


For the last few weeks we have been accepting donations and purchasing toys to help underprivileged children have a more enjoyable holiday season. Therefore, we would like to thank and recognize the following donors:


  Sunrise Transmissions   Robin and Capt. John Jedlicka  
  Dumor Construction   Tailored Roofing  
  Haley Bloom   Lynn Mahanna  
  Theresa Tomkin   Playsites Plus  
  Franky “Knuckles” Picolli   Karen Ahlers  
  Cousin Zoe & Marty   Cindy Bloom  
  Tony D’Aconti   Al Avila  
  John Dibiasi   Vincent Cosentino  
  Aunt Maureen O’Brien   Nora & Sean White  


We would also like to recognize Valerie from Tailored Roofing & Chris from Dumor Construction.  Not only did they donate funds but they also purchased additional toys for donation.

Valerie, Chris & Marlene from Pine Aire Truck did all of the shopping!


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We gather the gifts but they don’t do any good sitting in our office. As a result, we would like to acknowledge the organizations that take the toys we provide and distribute them.


  1. Christmas Magic. Charlie Russo is one of the founders of this wonderful charity and I don’t know that I have ever been so amazed at one person’s ability to make things happen. This is just one of several charities that he has organized and runs. His other charities are involved in benefitting our Veterans, Homeless, and fighting drug addiction through Hope House Ministries. Oh and on his spare time, he is a very successful attorney that runs a large law firm. Charlie is a true hero of mine!
  1. Long Island Home Builders Care. This is a group of builders and people in associated industries that does the most amazing things all year long. They donate time and materials to modify homes for handicapped people, help elderly people that are in need and upgrade homeless shelters. This month they provide meals and gifts for families to have a better holiday season. This is a great group of people that are part of the Long Island Builders Institute and I am proud to be an associate member of their organization.
  1. United States Marines and the Toys for Tots. This is the largest and most visible of the groups we support. Not only do these dedicated men and women protect our freedom but they also donate a lot of their time and resources towards helping children in need. They are an outstanding group and we proudly support them!

In addition to the specific donors we would like to thank everyone that does business with us. You are the reason that we have the ability to contribute and the more we prosper the more we have to give.


Thank You! 


Dave Bloom
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