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It’s Tuesday morning and I am sitting with AJ, our marketing director, as we begin to edit our next blog article. It is due to be released tomorrow morning (the day before Thanksgiving). I have already spent hours writing it but something just doesn’t feel right.


Last week wasn’t our most productive business week and now we have to deal with a short three day week. Nothing earth shattering, just typical work bullshit. But it left me feeling overwhelmed and pretty frustrated. My complete focus today is on work. I have an extremely tight schedule and all I want to do is be productive. However, this is impossible to accomplish when you are not in a state of enthusiasm and clarity.


So if we are more productive when in a great frame of mind, how do we get to that place?


In my reflection, I thought about what else I have to be bothered about. I had this stupid blank look on my face as I searched for the answer. Then I realized that I have nothing else in my life that is a big problem! I am such an idiot!


On top of this, I am overwhelmed with gratitude when I think of all the people out there in desperate situations.


I realized that when you begin to empathize with others, you naturally stop focusing on your pain. This shift in mindset is what will help you get out of your rut! It will also compel you to help others that are more in need.


Many of the most rewarding things in life do not take much time or money. If you condition yourself to do them without thinking, you will feel richness and then do more of it. Before you know it, you will find yourself doing these things naturally and without any thought!


Acts of gratitude and kindness can be so simple, rewarding and a lot of fun. Make a random charitable contribution. Buy a veteran lunch or a cup of coffee. Throw a few bucks in the hat of a street musician. Leave a friendly server an abundant tip. Help your elderly neighbor shovel snow. Just be cheerful in any situation and watch the joy spread.


Simple, simple simple acts of kindness can be given all day long and cause the recipient to have a better day… but it also makes YOU feel even better than they feel! Try it!


Carrying yourself this way may even bring you financial rewards. People might want to do business with you or employ you, or invite you on adventures with them… just because they like the good feeling they get from being around you.


I am not a philosopher and don’t want to get too deep but I can tell you from experience that your life will be much richer in many ways if you condition yourself to be nicer, more giving, and understanding.


I am very proud to acknowledge a few things our employees are doing right now. Inspired by our dear friend Charlie Russo, we are donating a Dodge minivan to Hope House Ministries – a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in Mt Sinai that is instrumental in helping many young people deal with addiction.


Pictured L-R: Jason Perera (shop manager), Glenn Rutherig, Anthony Caschetta (project leader), David Aguilar.


The van is in our shop and our technicians are donating their time to make it safe, reliable and ready to help.


Also, our office manager Marlene will be sending out letters to see who would like to help us out with small donations. With these donations, we are buying toys to be donated to the Marine Toys for Tots and Christmas Magic.


We are all very busy this time of the year and many people think that they cannot add one more thing onto their list, but you can… Kindness and Gratitude. Trust me it will get you out of your rut and then some.


Thank you! 


Dave Bloom
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Dave Bloom

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